GPS Medics bring top of the line medical equipment and personnel to the field.





GPS Medics' personnel are highly trained operators in all-terrains, providing certified medical care for civilians, travelers, camp occupants  and events in remote areas all around the world.  

We partner with companies for a variety of emergency response and disaster situations, including: International law enforcement's and medical care providers, evacuation & transport companies, humanitarian aid agencies, surgical centers, fully-equipped trauma hospitals, logistic companies and safety, security and protection agencies. 

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Being an paramedic or MD  is just a job for some, but for our staff helping and healing  is a calling. Each and every individual you meet at GPS Medics is dedicated and committed to our clients' health and well being. Our entire staff has an extensive experience in the medical field and are all certified by U.S. or European standards.

Certified medical professionals


"During a drive in the country side, my wife got sick with food poisoning. Our GPS-Medic administered more than basic first aid help. They gave her an IV and organized the best way to fly us back to the States to get the best medical support. Until that point I was not aware how important it was that all the guys at GPS are certified medics.

Thank you guys for your great work."

American business man on a trip to India.

G. Sorreno, business owner

"Hermann Binek and his team at GPS Medics offered the finest level of service. He was referred by several high profile executives, who follow him with blind trust. With GPS, we were pioneers in taking a major TV production to El Salvador. After a successful mission, I too would follow Hermann's team with blind trust."

Justin Smith, Executive in Charge

Justin Smith, Executive in Charge



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