Custom Medical Units



Individually planned stationary and mobile medical care components.

 Field Clinics  MD physicians, nurses, paramedics and EMT’s with emergency room (ER) capabilities and equipment. Patients in need for immediate medical care, minor surgery, or to stabilize patients before evacuation to larger medical facilities. 
Customized medical units with specialized medical personnel: 


  • MD physicians in specialized fields

  • Orthopedics 

  • Dental 

  • Ophthalmology 

  • Vaccination 

  • X-Ray 

  • Paramedics 

  • EMT’s 


A comprehensive medical setup is critical when responding to natural disasters, civil unrest, or terrorism. During events and civilian emergency response, a full medical setup is crucial.  In order to properly treat patients, doctors and nurses need a temperature-controlled, hygienic, and fully enclosed medical complex with equipment they are used to work state side in order to perform all necessary duties from triage to resuscitation, surgery and post-operative care.


We customize medical units to your special needs. Specialized and experienced medical personnel with certified equipment complete individual GPS Medic packages.